Why You Need a Video Content Marketing Strategy

Why You Need a Video Content Marketing Strategy

‘Research your audience and understand what your audience cares about’

….and where to start if you don’t have one.

If you are a SME or an entrepreneur, you will most likely have a marketing strategy in place or even a social media strategy to meet your goals and objectives, however, it seems strange that in 2020 many businesses are not including video in their marketing strategy or if video is included it is a one off video that sits alone on a website or other digital platform.

Before you read on, ask yourself, how much thought you have put into using video as part of your marketing mix?

If you have a clear-cut video strategy then well done- you are in the 81% of businesses using video as a tool to market their brand. If your response was “not at all”, or “very little then this blog is for you.

As we browse across the Web, there are entrepreneurs, micro and SMEs who have a great digital presence and have a distinctive content marketing strategy, using images, blogs and videos amongst other industry relevant content. It works, their pages are growing steadily and they are now the ‘go to’ pages in niche communities. Moreover, their and growth is likely to be proportionate to their marketing campaign.

Video in 2019 is still the most popular method of communication with increasing growth statistics which suggests that video is the ultimate way to engage with your audience, provide value and transparency and provide a point of reference for your customers to land and learn more about you to complete their buyers experience.  

For many reasons, decision makers in business are not utilising the potential of video. We have on-going discussions with small businesses who say that video is something that they have considered or have tried with no real leads. According to Wyzowl out of 19% of business that aren’t using video, 65% of business who don’t currently use video say they intend to start using it.

Look at this this way,

Video can improve Search Engine Optimisation.

Google loves content video and actually prefers videos to your one thousand-page article. Adding a catchy video title for your video that incorporates key words that your customers are looking for in their search, helps Google to figure out what your video is about and ranks you higher as traffic to that subject increases. Using SEO techniques will help you be seen and ranked by Google.

➡ Videos keep people on the page for longer.

The stats states that 72% of people prefer to watch a video than read a text. Does it not make sense to be the solution for your customer’s problems? As consumers we want to find information that is useful to us or makes us want to take action in some way. Creating videos that solve your customer’s problems provides value and keeps you audience on your page longer whilst they browse for answers. 

➡ Video leads to more conversions.

People generally prefer to watch a video rather than reading and an engaging and useful will help make that important decision to take action either by enquiry or a purchase depending on where they are in the sales funnel. Businesses using video grow company grow 49% faster in a year than a company who is not using video. 

 ➡Video is sharable.

They say that an image says a thousand words so if that’s the case, then a video is potentially worth a million. You may think that your industry does not operate like any other. However, remember a video that solves a problem in any industry is useful and sharable in that community.

Still don’t think you need a video marketing strategy?

In this digital space, it is more important than ever to have a video marketing strategy in place to take the lead in your industry. We recommend the best place to start with a video marketing strategy is to have a clearly defined goals on what you want to achieve. Do you need to increase brand awareness over a period of time? Do you need to explain to your customer how your product works? Are you trying to increase customer engagement?

Research your audience and understand what topics your audience cares about. Once you have this you can begin to develop ideas around the type of video content needed. Look at your competitors content, are they using video? If so what videos are working well for them? Make a decision on how you will approach your videos and where they are placed on your sales funnel. A good video content marketing strategy will keep you on track so you can measure the results.

We hope that this blog has helped you think more about using video for your business. Once you have your video marketing plan in place, video creation is an exciting process, which can yield great results. If you have not thought about how video can grow your business we are happy to have a no obligation conversation with you.