What Is Video Marketing?
Video marketing for beginners

What Is Video Marketing?

A simple explanation for newbies. Don’t over complicate it!

This is a 3 minute blog. If you don't have time to read the blog, watch the video blog instead!

We all know the pros and cons of social media and some would argue that social media has led to a decline in our attention span. The continuing decline in the attention span of most people online, the consent scrolling or browsing, it’s only inevitable that more small businesses are turning to video as a way to get their message out. If you’re new to online marketing, then you’ll want to learn as much as possible about video marketing for newbies. 

Where can you post videos for your business?
You can use videos on your website, blog and YouTube channel to capture the attention of your audience or potential customer far more quickly and effectively (if it’s done right) than you could with just the printed text. Nobody likes to read a mass amount of text these days (that’s why we use video blogs too). We just don’t have time. You can also use videos to drive traffic to your website or blog. The search engines love fresh content and that includes new video uploads. It’s a great way to rank on Google or other search engines (but Google is the ultimate!).

How do you start with video marketing?

The basic steps to the process are pretty much the same as with social media marketing, except, of course, you are creating a video. There are many low cost, or even free video software products that will make it possible for you to do a full presentation and teach your visitors an important skill. Educational videos are great as people don’t want to pay would rather do it themselves. If you give your audience something of value before you ask them for the sale, video will make them keep coming back for more because you are providing something of value and more likely saving your audience time and money. Send a message if you would like free video software products you can use to up your video creation or marketing.

Before you start your video marketing strategy, you will need to determine what the topic of your video will be. Find some issue or problem that faces a lot of people in your niche market. Then create a video that will provide an answer or solution to that problem. Don’t worry about getting too fancy. Just make sure the video and audio are as clear as possible. Don’t worry about stuttering or stumbling over your words, (I do it all the time!) people like natural presentations. Just be you.

Rehearse and practice before you start recording, try and reduce the “ah’ and “um’s’. If you are demonstrating something in real-time, pause the recording while you are waiting for the website to load or during any other time when things are moving slowly. Remember to capture your viewer with something interesting at the start of the video so they don’t click off. Don’t expect your viewer to have to sit through a 45-minute video when the information can be demonstrated in just 10 minutes! Get that pen and paper and plan a beginning, middle and an end, just like any good story.

Where do I use keywords?
Once you’ve decided on the topic of your video and you’ve got a rough ‘script’ written, it’s time to incorporate some carefully chosen keywords. This will make it possible for your video to rank on the search engines. When you write the title, description or tags for your website you will use these keywords. If you’ve chosen good keywords (3-5 word keyword phrases that get high monthly searches with relatively low competition) than your video will rank well, if it ranks well you will get a steady flow of traffic to your website… for free!

Now you’ve got your video recorded, your title tags and description keywords optimized (with the URL of your website front and centre), next step is to submit your video to video directories. YouTube is a favourite video directory but not the only video directory platform. You can also search and find other online video directories where you can submit your video. Again, I want to see all my readers succeed with their growing their business with video and if you want me to list good video directories other than YouTube, send a message and I will do a blog about this next time.

You can record a PowerPoint Presentation where you illustrate how to do something or you can do a screen capture style on video where people are looking over your shoulder while you do something, either way, you’ll have great success with video marketing for newbies if you follow these tips. I have given a basic account as I know that many small businesses feel overwhelmed with video marketing. Keep it simple, until you have done a few videos and are ready to step it up.

What stops you from creating videos for your business? Leave your comment below, or Breathe In Media on Instagram where you can also find some quick tips for your videos. 

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