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Video Creation

Video is exploding on digital platforms and there is no sign of it slowing down. Video no longer has to be a Hollywood Production. With our range of cost effective video formats we can create video formats that will entertain, educate and inspire your audience to take action. If you are aiming for your video to receive the maximum exposure, please view our video marketing services.

Social Media Content

If you have been posting on social media with only your family and friends liking your posts then maybe consider outsourcing your social media content creation to Breathe In Media. We create social media posts for Instagram and Facebook. Take a look at some of our posts here.

Video Marketing Services

Video marketing is a process of promoting your brand, product or services using video. We use Facebook ads to drive the right traffic for more conversions and revenue. We use Facebook ads manager increase backlinks, keyword research and search engine optimisation to achieve the best results for your video content.

Social Media Marketing

We work with our clients to achieve their marketing goals through our social media marketing services. Social media is a essential tool for marketing your business. Our content services combined with social media marketing, will help to drive traffic, build brand awareness and ultimately increase sales.​

Workshops & Courses

We are not afraid of sharing our knowledge and for those who are committed to a better digital experience, our workshops and online courses have been useful to support to learning for individuals and small teams. Have browse through our workshops based in Birmingham UK or our online courses here.

Send Your Video Clips ​

Most digital devices are now capable of recording video. Our useful self-shooting tips will help you to create better videos. We found that it is the editing that some of our customers need help with. Simply send video your clips and we will create edit your video for you.

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