Embedding Video In Email
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Embedding Video In Email

 According to Oberlo, 81% of small businesses still rely on email to engage with their customers. As a small business, you may rely on email marketing as the most cost-effective method of marketing. The issue is that how many people are actually are engaging with the emails which you send?

If the subscriber does not add you to their address list then the likelihood is that your email will land in the junk folder, which isn’t ideal. Secondly, the person who you sent an email to might not have even opted in and then reflects on the bounce rate.

One other tactic you can employ in your email marketing strategy is video. How effective is it? Campaign Monitor suggest video can increase open rates by 19% and click rates by 65% while reducing unsubscribe rates by 26%.

Now ask yourself, will my particular target audience respond better with a video?

What action do I want my customer to take with this video email? You will find this easy to answer if you know your customer avatar. Do they watch videos or do they prefer a text message? You will only know by testing and reviewing over a period of time and even asking your audience if you are on social media.

Check if your email automation system allows you to upload a video directly. If not you upload on video directory and share the link on the email, encouraging the reader to click on the link provided.

embedding videos in email

Try these tips for video email success:

1. Make sure your message is extremely short and concise, one minute is best for email videos.

2. Double check that all the link works. Maybe send the email to yourself to check before sending it out to your subscribers.

3. Don’t use the video as a chance to spam all your promotional products.

4. Make your video educational, and entertaining, which softens the blow of finding your email in your subscriber’s inbox. 

5. Share a customer’s video testimonial where possible, and write a short blurb about what you did for the customer.

6. Always include a call to action in your video and your email at whole. There are some good tracking programs to measure the success of your email. However, use your email analytics or Google analytics as a basis to evaluate how well your email performed.

You have seconds to grab your reader’s attention; a video could be the perfect way to make your product or services stand out in front of a potential customer.

Let us know what you think of the idea using videos in your business emails. Have you tried it?

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Embedding Video In Email

Embedding Video In Email According to Oberlo, 81% of small businesses still rely on email to engage with their customers. As a small business, you may rely

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