Our story


We know that many small business owners and Not for Profit organisations feel overwhelmed with marketing their business on digital platforms. With so much information on the World Wide Web, how do you stand out from the crowd?

We support business owners including, Not for Profit groups to become digitally savvy and increase visibility on digital platforms and generate revenue streams using digital storytelling, video and content marketing.

Content is key for building engagement and connecting with your ideal customers on social media. Yes, there are other factors to consider, but the starting point is content. How do you make your content appealing enough for someone to take action?

Breathe In Media takes an strategic and educational approach to creating and  distributing content that is valuable, relevant and consistent with the aim of capturing attention and retaining an audience as part of the marketing mix that generates leads, drive traffic and ultimately increases sales.

We offer hands on content creation and social media marketing services, as well as courses and workshops for you and your workforce to learn and achieve online success at your own pace.  

Our Mission


We unchain creativity, invest in passion and serve to inspire others. 


In a digital revolution we believe that no business should be left behind in a digital world.  


The best investment, is an investment in yourself. The more you learn the more you earn. 


We know that content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust and trust is what drives revenue. 

How can we help?