8 Reasons Why You Are Not Creating Videos to Promote Your Business

8 Reasons Why You Are Not Creating Videos to Promote Your Business


 1. Being camera shy

Being afraid to be in front of the camera is a common theme and even famous actors say that they do not watch themselves on TV or film. We all feel awkward at times, especially when starting something new. Shyness is a response to feeling a certain way but you can overcome it with consistency as long as you are willing to give it a go. Remember you don’t always have to have your face in the video, there are ways which you can do your videos and never be seen!

2. Confidence 

Do you remember that time when things were tough and despite what was going on you succeeded, you got through it? Give yourself credit when you make small achievements. Every time you accomplish something, big or small acknowledge it and give yourself credit. This might mean talking to yourself or speaking positive affirmations but acknowledging achievements will slowly develop your confidence in that area. Prove yourself wrong with the things that you say you cannot do and go ahead and do it!

3. Lack of motivation 

You see other people doing it on YouTube and you love what they do, you know you could do the same but just do not seem motivated to do so. We usually find that your day commitments get in the way of what you really want to do and it’s easier to attach yourself to what you are familiar with rather than something, which is out of your comfort zone. The hardest part of the journey is starting. Trust us, once you start creating videos your adrenaline will kick in and you won’t stop. 

4. Lack of knowledge 

Everybody has to start somewhere! You must have heard this a million times but it is true. It’s like learning to talk, learning to walk and even learning how to chew food. Taking a quote from the master of self-improvement, Dale Carnige sums it up “ Learning is an active process, we learn by doing. Only knowledge that is used, sticks in our minds”. Be reassured learning is an on-going process.

5. Time

Imagine that you sign up with the gym but you never go; obviously, you are not going to see the results because you are not going! Also, imagine you sign up for the gym and you go twice weekly and over a period of time, your biceps starting to grow, your torso is shaping up and you can see your body changing. YouTube is exactly like a free gym membership! It’s a muscle that needs exercising on a regular basis for you to grow and it can only grow if you commit your time.

6. Equipment

Most people have a mobile phone or some type of recording device and with more and more videos being created, there is a wide range of budget video equipment that you can attach to a mobile phone or have free standing. There is no excuse here guys and unless you live in a cave, natural light and any household lamp is a great option for getting started.

7. Money

Does money make the world go round? No, it does not, it is simply the value that you put into it that makes a difference in the world. In this great digital revolution, there are some amazing free or paid apps that you can use to help you out. There are many million dollar films have been a total flop at the box office. Video production is no longer costly unless you are looking for a Marvel film production!

8. Nothing interesting to say

You don’t always have to be really funny or act like a clown for people to like you on YouTube. Whether you are an extrovert or introvert there is a community of people who can relate to you if you are genuine and just be yourself. NOBODY is boring and there is actually a community for everybody. Don’t let being interesting be your main goal when you start posting.

These are the most common themes we hear when talking with people about creating videos. You see there is no reason why you cannot start a YouTube video today! Video is one of the most popular methods of communication and a great way to build your digital profile. We would love to hear what stops you from creating a video. Drop your comments below and let’s see what other reasons we may have missed. 

If you are still not convinced and need a little encouragement to get you started and tricks and tips to develop your content, connect with us here for weekly inspiration.