7 Social Media Videos for your Business

7 Social Media Videos for your Business

Social media has become an integral part of the marketing process for many businesses. For your business, social media is a great way to share content, interact with customers and prospects, and generate new leads. Businesses of all sizes are using video to attract attention on platforms like Tiktok, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Videos are still the most effective form of communication with an estimated 6 billion hours of video content watched per day! Whilst many people still prefer reading articles or blogs when they search online, there is no denying that more and more people are turning towards visual mediums like YouTube as their source for information.

In this blog post, we will discuss 9 different social media video ideas that you can use to promote your business!

1. Behind the scenes content

Behind the scenes, content is great for building trust with your audience and showing them how your business operates. Have a video of you working in the office, talking about upcoming projects or events, or even videos from customers sharing their experience using products they purchased from you. Introducing yourself to potential customers by making an introduction video is a good way of showing your personality and making them feel more comfortable with you.

2. Create an Explainer Video

An explainer video that explains your business is a great idea and is an engaging way to tell a story that attracts the right target audience. You can do this by showing the company’s history, how it operates daily and what products or services are offered. You can film this easily on your mobile device or hire a freelancer or a content marketing agency to do one for you.

3. Customer Testimonials

A video where you interview someone about their experience with your product or service is a great way to highlight your customer’s testimonials and show other potential customers that there are people who enjoy what they provide. This is a great way to showcase the value of your product or service. Your customers may not do a video but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask them to do record their voice and then recreate the content as an audiogram.

4. Create a Storytime

Connect with your audience with emotions and Storytime is a great way to do it. Sharing a story that is personal to you or your business is a great way to connect. Use social media to create a ‘Storytime’ with your audience and discuss an issue that is relevant to your business and share your experience. Engage in conversation, ask opinions, and share their feedback.

5. Live stream

Many people do not like going live and there is software available such as Restream or OBS that you can pre-record and stream as live. Set into your content calendar a Q&A session with your audience. Is there anything your audience could learn from your business? Live stream is an excellent way to boost engagement on Facebook. Remember to repurpose the live video and share it wherever possible. On Facebook, you must be live for at least fifteen minutes before you can share it with others.

6.Create a ‘How to Video”.

If you have a specific skill or knowledge, for example, interior decorating, ‘How to’ videos are still very popular, particularly on YouTube. How many problems have you solved by finding the answer on YouTube? How To videos offer value to your audience which will quickly build trust.

How-to videos will help you stand out against your competitors, as the industry expert. Take the time to find out your customer’s pain points and see if you can solve them on your ‘How to Video’.

7. Interview other Experts

Interviewing experts in your industry can help you in more than one way. Not only will you be firing quality content, but people will also start to recognise you as the industry experts as you start networking with other people in your field. It is great to be one step ahead. You can also transcribe your content and reuse it for a blog or other content formats that you can add keywords to help Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).


If you’re looking for a way to increase your exposure and get new customers, then it might be time to think about creating videos.

If you want help creating video content that will boost sales, contact our team today! We specialise in helping companies create effective content marketing campaigns. Let us know how we can support you with your content strategy today, so you don’t waste any valuable opportunity!

There are countless ways to go about creating videos, but these ten tried-and-true methods can help you get started and spark more creativity on social media.

Whilst many people still prefer reading articles or blogs when they search online, there is no denying that more and more people are turning towards visual mediums like YouTube as their source for information. One study found that 73% of users said they would rather watch instructional videos than reading text instructions. So, what does this mean? It means if you want high-quality content in front of your target audience’s eyeballs – create stories!

What social media video ideas have you tried?