10 Classic Video Ideas to Get You Started

10 Classic Video Ideas to Get You Started

We can all get stuck with developing ideas from time to time but that should never be a reason not to start creating videos for your digital platforms. We have selected 10 video ideas to get you started on your chosen platforms. 

1. Spend a day with your favourite relative or some friends

Spend a day with your favourite family member or friend in an environment that you are comfortable with and show the other side of you, the side that people might not see everyday. Choose a person who you can be youself with and hit that record button choosing the highlights of the day to upload.

2. Behind the scenes

This is actually a classic and still very popular form of video content. Why not show the process of what you do? People are naturally curious and want to see what goes on behind the doors.

3. Happy hour

If you are selling a product or services why not live stream or pre-record a happy hour and create an entertaining sales pitch, or a promotional offer for one day only. Even if you don’t make a sale, this is a fun way of creating curiosity around your product and a engaging way to build an audience.

4. Read out loud your testimonials

Yes, nobody likes a show off but a little self-credit or self-appreciation for a job well done deserves some recognition, so go for it. Take 60 seconds to read what your customers have said about you or even better to get your customers to say how good you are. 

5. Say nice things about someone

Is there anyone around you who has done a great job for you this week? Why not spend 60 seconds to show them appreciation on video (tag them in if they are on social media). This is a great way to show you value the people around you and maybe knock some assumptions out of the window. 

6. Giveaway top tips or the in your industry

Become that person who adds value to an situation and solves a industry problem. Industry giveaways are helpful in positioning yourself as an expert in your field as well as helping others who may be up and coming in your industry.

7. Whiteboard writing

If you have a whiteboard then share what you know. Use a range of bold colour pens and present your knowledge to the world. 

8. Unboxing, unpacking open your post in front of others

Are you due to get that spanking new product delivered next week? Here is your chance to unbox it give an on the spot reaction. Do you think you could show how it works? You will be surprised what people unbox in their industry.

9. Set yourself a public challenge

If you are brave enough, why not ask your audience to set you a challenge? If you don’t have an audience yet then announce a challenge on video and create a buzz around that challenge until the day the challenge is completed. 

10. Set a competition or give away freebies

Keep the competition and rules simple and enter everybody who follows you, tags a friend and likes the post. Have the competition going on for at least three weeks and announce the winner on week four. 

….and one more for luck;

11. Talk and react about something you watched on TV or seen on social media

This is a perfect opportunity for you to jump on the bandwagon of a trending topic and by using hashtags in the video will increase your viewership and increase traffic to your profile- try it!

Dont let content creation tire you out! 

What is great about these video ideas is that they are simple, there is no big production and you can simply create these bite sized video content  pieces on your mobile device.

If you have created any videos like the ones mentioned. How did you get on with them?  

If you need more video ideas then connect with us here for helpful tips and tricks to get you started.